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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ejam's next destination is here,i'll be someone, create my job, build my name and will be someone useful for my self,family,religion and country ...

Friday, August 28, 2009


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sape yg berminat utk beli jersey, baik laki @ pmpn sila la contact sy..
email pon bole..
nk kate ori mang lah xori, harge pon rm50..
nie pon jual kn mmb nye..
amek komisyen sket la kn..
tp bju mang sebijik cm ori n nice..
klu minat bgtau n kne tgk dlu pe stock yg ade..

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm really2 impress

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Salam semua..
i would like to share something here today..
about my old frenz..
yesterday i chat with him and a lots of things that being chat..
this is my indian frenz..

during form 3 at ssi,
i have beeting him in front of my teacher,pn fatimah..
but it's never make us become enemy after all..
yesterday meet him again at facebook..

now he's in uk..
graduated fron university of hull..
in the same age of me, he's now has his own company..
he ask me tu guess what business that he was doing?
i'm said, oh u sell a gurl..
he laugh and he said not sell gurl but sell to gurl..
then he tells that he make a corporate suit for women..
he has his own office and still looking for his business partner..
this company is still new b'coz he's open it up at june this year..

for me i'm really impress with his achievement..
but b4 he reach this stage a lot of things that he learned..
he said to me he spand 1.500 ringgit a year to buy a business books..
he has suggest to me a few books to buy..

for finance/trading "the intelligent investor" should be about 40 ringgit

for learning about the fundamentals of business "22 immutable laws of marketing" by al ries and jack trout

about 35 ringgit

to see how a guy who never finished high school became a billionaire

"losing my virginity" by richard branson

i has asking him what he thinks about MLM?
than he said in making money he is only believe on 3 way to do it so..
which are:

1) Create value

creating value is creating something people want and will pay for

as basic as making really good nasi lemak and selling it

you created value

if there was no value, people would not buy it

they would just pay you the price of the telur, the nasi, the cilli

up to huge business

like microsoft

if they dint create value, no one would buy their product


thats the first way

2) Facilitate the creation of value

this is what banks do

this is what banks do

if you want to set up a nasi lemak restaurant, you need money

so the bank gives you money

and in return you pay the bank intrest

this is what banks do

if you want to set up a nasi lemak restaurant, you need money

so the bank gives you money

and in return you pay the bank intrest

or even venture capitalists or any kind of investor

they are HELPING you create VALUE

by providing the funds, contacts etc

the third way

3)is to steal


in a 22 years old, he has what he has now is something and it's not nothing..
okei that's all for today..
last he said to me;

what is easy is not necessarily whats best

whats easy

is not necessarily whats right

sometimes you have to choose the harder right over the easier wrong

Saturday, August 1, 2009


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bulan yg berharga..
hari mengingati kemerdekaan..
Tanggal 31 Ogos 1957..
hari yg akan disambut diseluruh M'sia..

tp sejaoh mane kt memahami erti kemerdekaan?
merdeka dpd segi penjajahan bangse asing shj?
ape pula pendekatan penjajahan skrng?
ideologi dan budaya negatif asing yg masih lagi ada di dlm negara kt..

tp sejauh mana pula kt menghargai kemerdekaan itu?
kalau kt lihat m'sia merupakan sebuah negara yg aman..
rusuhan bersenjata tdk berlaku,
aq rase sgt b'syukur kerana dpt idup dgn aman..
di thailand,penduduk islam ditembak di masjid,
di indon, rusuhan antara agama,
di china, uighur juga berlaku rusuhan..
belom lagi di iraq dan afghanistan..
Palestin??lagi la...huh!!ngeri..
kesian pd mereka yg terkorban..

di kesempatan ini,
aq rase sungguh b'syukur t'hdp ilahi kerana idup di
negara yg aman damai..
semoga ini b'pnjgn..
b'terima kasih pd pemimpin t'dahulu,
pahlawan yg gugur menentang utk m'dptkn kemerdekaan,
pahlawan yg cacat kerana erti kemerdekaan,
kpd keluarga waris...
pd mereka ini, jasa mereka tetap dikenang..
moga2 Allah merahmati mereka..
bg pembaca, same2 lah kt sedekahkn al-Fatihah

cuti tibe2..

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mcm2 hal..
baru jek awal sem..
dh dpt cuti free..
tanks to all babiss sbb 'korang' bwk virus ktowng dpt cuti seminggu..

tp naik2 nie nmpk nye assgmnt dh melambak,
test n quiz dh menuggu,
projek2 tok nk dijayakn dh menuggu,
kne pk ag pasal praktikal nie..

ok la, got to go,
bnyk keje nk wat wo...

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